Ford 9” Differential Third Member Holding Fixture


9” Ford Rear Axle Third Member Center Section Ring and Pinion Set Up Holding Fixture

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9” Ford Rear Axle Third Member Center Section Ring and Pinion Holding Fixture

The Superior Machine and Fabrication 9 inch Ford third member holding fixture is a heavy-duty professional grade tool that allows center sections to be securely mounted and held for service, rebuild and ring and pinion installation.

Intergraded Dial Indictor mounting stem provides the ability to achieve accurate and repeatable measurements such as pinion depth, backlash and endplay.

  • 9” Ford Rear End Third Member Fixture is compatible with both OEM and aftermarket, cast iron and aluminum center sections.
  • Included Adjustable Dial Indicator mounting steam excepts most standard dial indicators and can be index 180° around fixture to be used to measure multiple measurements and settings.
  • Mounting base allows fixture to rotate 360°, quick pin locks fixture in to 4 positions (vertical and horizontal).
  • Fabricated from 1/2” thick steel CNC laser cut mounting flange, and 1 ½” round steel tube shank.
  • Machine blue smooth satin powder coated finish.
  • 100% Manufactured in the USA.

**** Dial Indicator Not Included ****

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