Allison Transmission Transfer Case PTO Cover Holding Fixtures

Superior Machine and Fabrication offers transmission rebuild stands for transmissions and transfer cases with PTO provisions in two different configurations to best meet the users needs. Our  Allison Transmission Transfer Case PTO Cover Holding Fixtures easily attach to transmission and transfer cases that are equipped with the standard 6-Bolt PTO cover. These transmission holders, work with transmissions and transfer cases that feature this provision. Compatible models include (but not limited to), the  Allison 1000, 2000, 2100HS, 2400 and HT740, automatic transmissions, Saginaw Muncie SM465 and  New Venture NV 3500, 4500 manual transmissions.

The Allison Transmission Transfer Case PTO Cover Holding Fixture is a bench mounted transmission stand that features, a mounting base that allows fixture to rotate 360° and a quick pin that locks fixture in to 4 positions (vertical and horizontal). This transmission holder is fabricated from 3/8” thick steel CNC laser cut flanges, and 1 ½” solid round bar shank. Just like all our other transmission holding fixtures these transmission stands are powered coated with a smooth machine blue finish and are 100% manufactured in the USA.

We also offer this fixture in a transmission holding fixture for engine stand version, the Allison Transmission Transfer Case PTO Cover Holding Fixture For Engine Stand transmission holder easily bolts to most any common engine stand head, and features the same build quality and finishes as the previously mentioned bench mount version.

Many transmission service professionals chose to use our Professional Transmission Holding Fixture for heavy duty automatic and manual transmission, and transfer case service. The advantage  this version of transmission stand has over other transmission holders is because of the versatility gained from the multiple mounting arm options available. The Offset Fixture Holding Arms and Standard Heavy Duty Holding Fixture Arms are compatible with both automatic and manual transmissions with or without a removeable bell housing.  The Holding Fixture Adapter Arms when used our Professional Transmission Holding Fixture, converts this holding fixture into the most versatile multi position heavy duty transfer case holding fixture on the market to date.