New Product Testing – Bench Mount Transmission Clutch Spring Compressor

Considering the success, we have been having with our transmission holding fixtures, we have decided to expanded our product line beyond just transmission stands and we are currently beginning to develop more transmission tools that are commonly use in transmission service. Our first tool we are working on developing is a bench mounted transmission clutch spring compressor. Features that set our transmission spring compressor apart are, adjustable press head accepts clutch hub drums ranging from 0” to 12” in height and up to 10” in diameter, pre-drilled heavy duty ½ thick base easily mounts to work benches, slotted base provides clearance for transmission clutch hub drums with pressed in input or output shafts, adjustable width fabricated 6” long legs can reach in side deep drums, legs have a slim line design with large center openings for increased accessibility to return spring snap rings, thumb screws allow for easy adjustment of leg spacing, 5/8 diameter press lead screw with cast aluminum hand knob and exclusive roller bearing pivot compresses the stiffest transmission clutch springs with ease, machine blue powder coated and 100% manufactured in the USA. The new Superior Machine and Fabrication transmission spring tool will be available in early February 2022.