Product Overview: Extra Large Transmission Holding Fixture

After numerous emails, messages, and phone calls from customers in the last few years, asking if we manufacture a transmission stand or transmission holder to fit an unconventional, uncommon or new to the transmission service industry model of transmission, we decided to design and engineer a universal transmission holding fixture that would meet there needs. For decades the majority of OEM automatic transmissions where 3 or 4 speed, where relatively compact in design and where very similar in overall size among manufactures GM, Ford and Chrysler. Fast forward to modern day where performance, drivability, and fuel economy have become priority, which are the reasons for manufactures to develop transmissions that range in models from 6 thru 9 speeds plus to meet these new requirements.

Unfortunately, we do have a back room filled with every transmission case ever manufactured to confirm compatibility and fit, so we did the next best thing. We gathered all the customer requests, feedback regarding application, and dimensions from custom transmission rebuild stands we have built and used that information to design our Extra-Large Transmission Holding Fixture.

The Superior Machine and Fabrication Extra-Large Heavy-Duty Transmission Holding Fixture is compatible with most all common OEM GM, Ford, Chrysler, European, Import, Mercedes-Benz 722 automatic transmission cases or aftermarket transmission cases with service dowel pin holes bosses. Features include, a heavy-duty fabricated steel frame will that will not twist or bend when in use, additional top clamping screw prevents transmission case from rotating with in the fixture due to the heavier weight of modern 4-9 multispeed transmissions, hardened tool steel clamping screws with steel adjusting knobs, top clamping screws includes hardened steel swivel pads to prevent damage to aluminum cases and is powder coated with a machine blue smooth satin powder coated finish. A unique feature this fixture has is double adjustable anchor pins, that allow side to side adjustment to ensure the transmission case remains centered under the top clamping screw, and can also be adjusted to provided extra clearance around accumulator sumps or other obstructions casted in to the transmission case near the service pin bosses. Available in both bench mount version Extra-Large Heavy-Duty Transmission Holding Fixture, that rotates 360°, swivel base locks with quick pin in 4 positions (vertical or horizontal) and also available in Extra-Large Heavy-Duty Transmission Holding Fixture For Engine Stand version that easily bolts to most common engine stand mounting heads. All transmission rebuild stands are 100% manufactured in the USA.