Product Overview: Professional Transmission Holding Fixture


Just as the name describes, the Superior Machine and Fabrication Professional Transmission Holding Fixture was engineered for use by the professional transmission technician that overhauls, services and rebuilds transmissions of different designs and from different manufactures. Commonly referred to in the industry as a “bench mule” or “jaw type” transmission holding fixture, the adjustable, removeable and interchangeable arms allow this fixture to hold transmission cases of varying widths with a fixed bellhousing or with a removable bolt-on bellhousing. The versatility of the Professional Transmission Holding Fixture also makes this fixture an excellent investment for not only the transmission professional but also any automotive professional or enthusiast because it can easily be used to hold transmissions, transfer cases, small engine, gearboxes, differential, and cylinder heads for rebuild, repair and service. As previously mentioned, the adjustable fixture arms are interchangeable, arms are available in 3 styles, Standard Heavy Duty, Offset Long Reach, and slotted Adapter Arms. All arms are fabricated from ½ thick steel plate. The heavy-duty tig welded steel base allows the multi position fixture head to rotate horizontally and vertically. Fixture head rotates 360°, and positively locks in position every 45° horizontally, and tilts from vertical to horizontal and positively locks every 30° vertically. This fixture’s ability to be adjusted from horizontal to vertical positions makes it an excellent choice for 9” Ford third member ring and pinion installation and set-up. The Professional Transmission Holding Fixture is shipped with your choice of arms, powder coated with a machine blue smooth satin powder coat finish and is 100% Made In the USA.